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The Local Archives of Nakskov History

The Archives are your guide to the past of the people and the town of Nakskov.

The Archives of Nakskov belongs to the Municipal of Lolland. Today the Archives are located in the towns old Post Office which for a period was used by the local newspaper: "Social Demokraten" which later changed name to "Ny Dag".

The Archives as they are today took form in 1985 and are runned by a Headmaster, two staff-members and a various number of volunteers.
The Archives are open to the public and has many different collections, for example: photographs, biographies, news papers, local literature and micro card copies of parish registers, population censuses etc. which can be read in the study.

Local History

In the Archives you can find almost all aspects of the newest history of Nakskov. Through copies of deeds and protocols of mortgages you can see how the town has expanded, - who owned the houses, - what kind of crafts and industries were in the town? - when were various parts of the town built upon and later parcelled out?
Master Cooper Ernst Peter Klinkwort
with journeymen and apprentices.
Klinkwort and his wife came from Svendborg
but settled in Tilegade in Nakskov.
The collection of photographs offers an exciting impression of building traditions, folklore and events through the history of the town. But also through the Guild Archives and copies of the Land Registry you can look into past of the different crafts or the administration of justice when decisions of smaller or larger matters were made.

If you are interested in genealogy and if your ancestors are from Nakskov, you can among other things use the different materials in the Archives. Our collection of Photographs could for example give you a good impression of the town they lived in.
Through parish registers and people censuses you can work your way back though the family history - and if they had always lived in Nakskov you may be able to trace them way back to the early 1600's ! In the old news papers you may find new information on some of the younger members of your family.
Before you come to the Archives it is always a good idea to have an overview of what you already know. Start with a pedigree with the names, dates and places of births, marriages and deaths. Then you have a solid foundation for using the different materials found in the Archives. And it is much easier for the staff to help you or guide you further on in your search. /fam.png
With 10 children the Schultz Family is among
those you often come across in the parish
registers of Nakskov from the late 1800's.